Move your pension money to Switzerland

Following an increasing demand from our clients around the world, Alpenrose is opening a service for clients interested in having their pension money managed in Switzerland. Building on more than 10 years of successful investing for private individuals, and with an investment style and focus perfectly suited for pension funds, we are excellently positioned to serve this growing need.

With the upcoming downturn in the credit cycle, we believe that an increasing number of pension funds will show negative performance and will ultimately not be able to cover their liabilities. Savvy investors should not only look for an asset manager that has proven to understand interest rate risks and quantitative easing, but also custodian banks that will not fail during the next credit crunch. Together with our partner banks, leading insurance companies and respected financial planners, we now offer our clients customized asset management for their life and pension savings.

Please contact us at or call +41 58 105 75 00 for additional information.

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