Hedging strategy for shareholders of technology companies

Using the derivatives specialists of our partner banks, we set up hedging strategies that protect our clients’ holdings while giving them some flexibility in terms of liquidity. Shareholders of [...]

Impact investing

Making a philanthropic donation can be a heartwarming and impactful way to make a change in a world that seems to sprout new problems daily. From socioeconomic issues to environmental problems, [...]

Institutional trading platform

As first mover in Switzerland, Alpenrose is now offering its private clients an institutional trading platform similar to those used by larger investors such as hedge funds and pension funds. [...]

Dedicated Sports & Entertainment Team

Building on 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Alpenrose is now dedicating a full team of specialists to serve the specific needs of athletes, entertainers and top professionals in [...]

Financing Facility for technology companies’ employees

Together with its partner banks, Alpenrose provides employees of technology companies’ with a financing facility of up to 30M against restricted as well as unrestricted employees shares.

Invest in Swiss real estate

Real estate is an important part of a truly diversified portfolio. It offers an investment into a “hard asset.” This means that you’re investing into something that is real and tangible, [...]

Buy and invest in Swiss francs

Buy and Invest in Swiss Francs Invest in one of the world’s strongest currencies. Investors and businesses often rely on gold and foreign currencies to hold a portion of their money. For the most [...]

Move your pension money to Switzerland

Following an increasing demand from our clients around the world, Alpenrose is opening a service for clients interested in having their pension money managed in Switzerland. Building on more than [...]

Financial Planning

Imagine you are ready to build a home. Before you lay the foundation, before you pick out what tiles you want on your bathroom floors, even before you buy any of the materials, you are going to [...]

Build Your Classic Car Collection

Together with reputable car specialists and auction houses around the world, Alpenrose helps its clients build their classic car collection. Classic cars have become, along with paintings and [...]

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