Tax & Legal Planning


Identify significant savings
Alpenrose’s objective is to protect and grow the assets of our clients, but Alpenrose also strives to legally reduce the taxes that our clients pay as this increases our clients net investment returns.

This involves evaluating specific tax-favoured investments

Also by working with legal, tax and accounting advisors, setting up structures, trusts, funds or life insurance wrappers – that benefit from specific tax treaties or other legal tax planning techniques and that lead our clients to make significant savings in their tax bill.

Working with these advisors, Alpenrose has especially developed an expertise in tax optimization for clients such as:

· Entrepreneurs selling their businesses
· Sports and entertainment people who receive royalties and endorsements
· Individuals relocating to a new country
· Business and finance professionals who get largely paid in stocks, options and other deferred revenues
· Venture capitalists and private equity specialists who have large investments abroad

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