Set Up an Offshore LLC

What you need to know about keeping money with an offshore business. Many are feeling confined because of local tax structures. Others have wealth but no form of asset protection. By creating an [...]

10 Ways Fintech is Changing Our Lives

How financial technology can be found in our daily financial needs. In recent years, major changes have occurred in the way that we handle our finances. Nations are changing laws, tax [...]

Invest in Monaco

Take your money to one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Ready to branch out with your wealth? Investing in international economic hubs is one of the best ways an investor can see [...]

Invest in International Real Estate

Diversify your portfolio, earn residency, and more.  Why Invest in International Real Estate? One of the biggest draws to buying international real estate is the diversification. According to [...]

Prepare for an IPO

Set your private company up for success when it’s time to go public. IPOs allow the public to invest in and profit from the growth of a company. Many investors are finding that IPOs are a great [...]

Invest in Precious Metals

Take advantage of one of the world’s oldest investments. If you are looking for an investment that will stand the test of time, precious metals is the avenue to take. Many smart investors [...]

Offshore Tax Havens

A list of the top countries for those looking to save on taxes. This may be a term that you’ve heard before: offshore tax havens. What does this mean, though? Are there really countries where you [...]

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