Invest in US real estate

Using its network in the real estate industry in the US, Alpenrose is helping clients invest in US real estate. From luxury homes in Miami to condos in NYC and office buildings in Washington D.C., we help clients identify investment opportunities in the sector and advise them on the best structure to hold these investments. The demand for US real estate from foreign investors has never been stronger. From investors looking to diversify their portfolio to foreign nationals interested in receiving a US residency visa, there are myriad reasons to buy real estate in the US.

Buying real estate in the US can have some important tax consequences, however. Investors can be subject to the federal estate tax (FET) and the federal capital gains tax (CGT). Identifying the right investment and structuring it the right way is essential for investors abroad who are looking to invest in US real estate. The choice of the appropriate structure will depend on the cost of the property, how long the property will be held, whether the property will receive rental income, how it will be financed (mortgage or not) and if privacy is an issue. There is not one “best” structure, as the situation of each investor is specific. Alpenrose will advise you based on your individual needs.

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