Hedge your portfolio through naked shorts and long dated put options

The period 2009-2017 will be looked back on as one of the longest bull markets for stocks in history. Credit markets have also had an unprecedented run, since central banks started their many quantitative easing programs and are now offering record low yields. Real estate, art, classic cars and essentially every other asset class have also increased strongly in value and are now showing signs of bubbles.

Alpenrose has decided to offer its customers the opportunity to hedge their portfolios through the use of naked shorts and long dated put options. Using one of the leading institutional trading platforms in the world, we are offer our clients the ability to build a portfolio that will take advantage of the upcoming downturn of the credit cycle and/or to hedge their current long exposure. Our focus will be on shorting a number of companies that will fail in the upcoming credit crisis, either by shorting their stocks directly or buying long dated put options. The record low volatility that we have been experiencing over the past 18 months represents a unique opportunity to build such a short portfolio

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