Buy and store gold bars in Switzerland

Alpenrose offers its clients the opportunity to buy and store physical gold and silver in Switzerland. While most ETFs and international financial centers outside of Switzerland only offer the possibility to own “paper” gold and silver, our solution allows our clients to own their own gold and silver bars.

The gold and silver bars can be stored at one of our partner Swiss private banks, either in the main vault of the bank or in a private safe deposit box. We also offer our clients the opportunity to store the precious metal bars in private vaults outside the banking system, either in a Freeport or at ultra-safe private vaults in Switzerland.

Gold and silver provide protection and investment diversification in times of infinite money printing from central banks around the world. Precious metals are becoming recognized not only as commodities, but as currencies that cannot be printed and devalued. They also offer a hedge during these times of currency devaluation and increasing geopolitical risks.

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