About Us

Who we are and
what we strive for

Alpenrose offers independent investment advice and family office services to our international clients.
We partner with the most prestigious global banks and we are 100% owned and operated by our Swiss directors.


Alpenrose is a leading Swiss independent wealth management company
with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Bach/Wollerau.

It provides the full range of wealth management services ranging from asset management to financial planning and accounting services.

Alpenrose is committed to its independence and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients without any conflicting interests.
It provides first-class services with full transparency and dedication.

Alpenrose provides consistent superior risk-adjusted returns to its clients and a unique wealth management experience in the industry.

Alpenrose clients are offered wealth management solutions customised to address their specific needs.



Alpenrose’s partners are top investment professionals
with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds.

Each partner has extensive experience at leading Swiss financial institutions and maintains a specific expertise in trading, portfolio management, risk analysis, compliance and taxes. Consequently, Alpenrose is able to provide its clients with comprehensive and specialized investment solutions.

Alpenrose maintains three locations in Switzerland in order to better serve its clients. We regularly visit our clients in their home countries throughout the world. Please contact us if you want to organize a meeting with one of our partners.

Alpenrose dedicates a large portion of its revenues to ongoing employee training in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. New investment products, changing legislation worldwide and complex risk analysis tools are some of the variables that we expect our employees to understand in order to fulfil our clients’ objectives of wealth preservation and creation.

Pierre Gabris

Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Gabris previously worked as a senior client advisor at the private banking unit of Lombard Odier in Zurich and Geneva. Prior to that, he worked as a research sell-side analyst at Lombard Odier in Zurich and as an analyst at the institutional asset management unit of UBS in Zurich.
Mr. Gabris holds a MBA degree from Columbia University (New York) and a Master of Science in Production Management from the Swiss Institute of Technology. He is also a certified Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager (AZEK-CFPI).
Mr. Gabris is a car and motor racing enthusiast. He is a Swiss citizen.

Thierry Grin

Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Grin previously worked as a senior client advisor at UBS Wealth Management in Switzerland. He focused on Key Clients of the Western Europe division and was also a Director of the UBS “Sports and Entertainment Group” specializing in providing wealth management services to ultra high net worth individuals, athletes and entertainers. Mr. Grin was responsible for portfolio management as well as other services including tax & financial planning. He worked previously at the law firm Python Peter in Geneva.
Mr. Grin holds a Law Degree from the University of Lausanne. He has been a professional tennis player and a member of the Swiss Davis Cup team. He is the founder and president of the “ProRea Médecine d’Urgence” foundation and the President of the International Lawn Tennis Club of Switzerland. He is a Swiss citizen.

Stephane Oberer


Mr. Oberer previously worked as a senior advisor at Lombard Odier in Switzerland. He was a director of the “Media and Sports” division, providing wealth management services to ultra-high net worth individuals, athletes and entertainers. He advises clients in the fields of sports (tennis, NBA, soccer, golf, Formula 1) and entertainment (actors, film producers, singers). Mr. Oberer was responsible for portfolio management as well as other services including tax & financial planning.
Mr. Oberer studied economics and has been active in the wealth management industry for the last 15 years. He was a professional tennis player and the Swiss Davis Cup captain for 10 years. He is a Swiss citizen.

Pierre Tissot


Mr. Tissot was previously Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and member of the Executive Committee of Geneva-based Banque Bénédict Hentsch. He started his professional career with Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) and then joined Lombard Odier for 17 years, first as sell-side analyst then as Head of the Swiss Equity Research Team. In his last position as Head of buy-side Equity Research for the group, he positioned Lombard Odier at the forefront of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI), both by including this approach in the bank’s financial research and by creating various investment solutions.
In his career, Mr Tissot also acted as a Partner and Director of an independent asset Management company based in Geneva where he was advising individual investors and mutual funds. Mr. Tissot enjoys scuba diving and is an enthusiastic vintage car driver. He is a Swiss citizen.

Michael Pellman Rowland


Mr. Pellman Rowland previously worked as a Senior Vice President in wealth management for 15 years at Morgan Stanley in New York. He specializes in portfolio management, financial planning, and impact investing.
Mr. Pellman Rowland graduated with an economics degree from Hamilton College. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and an Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor (ADPA). Mr. Pellman Rowland was recently included in the inaugural list of Forbes Top Millennial Wealth Advisors.
He is passionate about food sustainability and has a column on Forbes.com that covers the ‘future of food.’ Mr. Pellman Rowland and his wife also dedicate a large part of their free time to animal welfare. He is a US and Irish Citizen.

Christian Kamer


Mr. Kamer previously worked as a senior client advisor at UBS Swiss Financial Advisers AG in Zurich, the SEC unit of UBS. He focused on advising US clients with international connections, typically persons with dual tax status, as well as US nationals living outside the US. Mr. Kamer is advising high net worth individuals either directly or indirectly through their family offices and trusted advisors. Prior to that, Mr. Kamer worked as UBS Branch Manager in Thalwil and Pfaeffikon, with a focus on the Executives and Entrepreneurs client segment.
Mr. Kamer holds an Executive Program Degree from the Swiss Finance Institute in Zurich. He is also a certified Wealth Management Advisor (CWMA). Mr. Kamer is a passionate tennis player and a family man. He is a Swiss citizen.

Marcel Eisenring


Mr. Eisenring has more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry. He focuses on advising high net worth Mexican families. He previously worked as a senior private banker at the private banking unit of Credit Suisse, Zurich. Prior to that, he worked for ABN AMRO Bank in Zurich with a focus on European clients. He started his career in investment banking as a forex exchange trader at Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in Zurich and London.
Mr. Eisenring has been trained internally at the different banks he worked for and participated in numerous cross-border, investment and estate planning programs. Mr. Eisenring enjoys travelling and is a skilled golf player. He is a Swiss citizen.

Horacio Garcia


Mr. Garcia comes to Alpenrose with a 30-year career in private banking and commercial banking in Mexico, the USA and Europe (London, Monaco and Geneva). Throughout his career, Mr. Garcia cultivated personal relationships with leading Mexican families and advised them both as institutional clients and for personal banking relationships. He previously worked at the senior management level for Bear Stearns and Alex Brown, which later became Deutsche Bank/Alex Brown. Mr. Garcia served on the management board of the Banque Pasche Monaco and was in charge of the Ultra High Net-Worth desk.
Mr. Garcia attended the School of Finance at the University of Denver, the General Motors Management development program in Michigan and the Shearson Lehman/American Express Financial Consultant Internship Program. He is a private pilot and enjoys trekking in the Alps. He is a dual Mexican/US national.

Dr. Ljubomir Zec


Dr. Zec held senior management positions for more than 25 years at firms active in banking – both commercial and private – and international trade in six different countries. He has held many senior roles, including President of a Russian commercial bank and Head of Eastern European desks at three Swiss banks and the leading Andorran bank. He was also General Manager of Zepter, an international conglomerate operating in more than 50 countries.
Dr. Zec graduated with a Master’s degree in banking and finance from Belgrade University. He holds a PhD in Economics from VAK in Moscow, with a thesis in macroeconomics. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Informatics.
Dr. Zec is continuing his academic activities in the areas of management, banking and finance. He is a Serbian citizen.

Milan Lazarevic


Mr. Lazarevic has more than 15 years of experience in various industries and countries, including as the CFO of a one billion USD oil project in the Kirishi region in Russia for 4 years, as a consultant to the World Bank and as a private banker in the leading Andorran bank. Mr. Lazarevic is covering the Eastern European markets for Alpenrose, with a focus on international financial planning, immigration and relocation of companies and individuals.
Mr. Lazarevic graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance in Serbia. He is a Serbian citizen.


Our Team

Alpenrose’s employees are top investment professionals
with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds.

Leo Steiner

Head of Portfolio Management

Mr. Steiner is responsible for our Portfolio Management and Trading team. Together with our investment committee, Mr Steiner and his team are implementing our asset allocation for our managed accounts. Mr. Steiner is also coordinating trading and execution services for our advisory clients. Mr. Steiner worked in the portfolio management team of Rahn & Bodmer in Zurich before joining Alpenrose.
Mr. Steiner is a passionate skier and a car enthusiast. He is a Swiss citizen.

Robin Hunziker

Portfolio Management

Mr. Hunziker started his professional career working for Alpenrose after gaining experience while living in the US and the UAE. As a Portfolio Manager, Mr. Hunziker’s responsibilities include monitoring accounts and implementing strategy within the portfolios. He is part of the trading and execution team for Alpenrose’s advisory clients. Mr. Hunziker, with a team of professionals, is also in charge of the marketing and public relations department.
Mr. Hunziker is a passionate golfer and car enthusiast. He is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Zurich. He is a Swiss citizen.

Anto Grubesa

Portfolio Management

Mr. Grubesa previously worked at M.M. Warburg Bank (Schweiz) as a Portfolio Manager. He started his professional career at WM Partners in Zurich as a Research Analyst. Mr. Grubesa is responsible for research and investment selection. He is a member of the portfolio management and trading team of Alpenrose.
Mr. Grubesa holds a Master’s degree in banking and finance from the University of Basel. He is a passionate swimmer and car enthusiast. He is a Swiss citizen.

Simone Röllin

Head of Private Clients Services

Ms. Röllin previously worked in the Private Banking division of LGT Bank in Zurich and in the Corporate Banking Unit of Credit Suisse Zurich as an assistant. Ms. Röllin is responsible for our private client services unit, maintaining productive and professional relationships with our key clients. She works closely with our partners on all client-facing activities, providing proactive client service and issue resolution to improve the client experience. Ms. Röllin also oversees a variety of administrative functions.
Ms. Röllin is a passionate swimmer and skier who enjoys travelling. She is a Swiss citizen.

Daniel Steiner

Private Clients Services

Mr. Steiner previously worked in the wealth management unit of UBS Swiss Financial Advisers AG in Zurich, the SEC unit of UBS. Prior to UBS, Mr. Steiner worked in the Global External Asset Management Division of Credit Suisse Zurich as a Business Risk Officer.
Mr. Steiner is part of our private client services practice and serves clients for all their sophisticated financial needs. He works closely with our partners to offer clients a holistic solution. He studied banking and finance and has been active in the private banking industry for more than 10 years. Mr. Steiner enjoys mountain biking and is an enthusiastic snowboarder. He is a Swiss citizen.

Anastasija Hubeli

Private Clients Services

Ms. Hubeli started her professional career working for Alpenrose after living in the UK. She took the position as an Assistant in our private clients practice, where her immediate responsibilities include numerous customer relationship management tasks. She also assists in the execution of client requests on account openings and portfolio management duties. Ms. Hubeli prepares numerous client presentations, ranging from investment proposals to summaries of financial markets and macroeconomics.
Ms. Hubeli is a passionate snowboarder and was previously a professional swimmer who took part in the Swiss championships. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Zurich. She is a Swiss citizen.

Mevlana Alonso

Head of Family Office Services

Ms. Alonso is responsible for our Family Office Services team. Together with our custodian banks, Ms. Alonso and her team are providing services to our larger clients that go beyond asset management, including: consolidation of portfolios, reconciliation of performance calculation, tax reporting, purchase and sale of real estate, relocation, etc. Ms. Alonso has been working with the founding partners of Alpenrose since the inception of the company. She was previously an assistant in the institutional clients unit of Lombard Odier in Geneva.
Ms. Alonso is an amateur car racing driver and snowboarder. She is a Swiss citizen.



Alpenrose has developed an extensive network of tax,
legal and other specialists around the world that benefits its clients.

Our custodian banks are leading global banks. We work with the two largest publicly listed banks in Switzerland – UBS and Credit Suisse – as well as with the five largest private banks: Pictet & Cie, Julius Baer, Lombard Odier & Cie, Vontobel and J. Safra Sarasin. We also have a strong relationship with CMB in Monaco as well as the most prestigious banks in the US.
We structure products and investment solutions with the leading investment banks of this world in order to get the best pricing and execution for our clients and invest in mutual funds and hedge funds from around the world.

We work with the world’s best attorneys and tax lawyers. Our unique network of experts in areas such as art collecting, copyright and real estate allow us to offer a unique value proposition to our clients.



Our clients are wealthy individuals, family offices and private foundations with liquid assets in excess of 500,000. They are coming from over 30 countries around the world. We share with them the same objective of wealth creation and preservation. Our global portfolios that are invested in all regions and currencies worldwide, combined with our extensive knowledge of sophisticated investment structures, allows us to advise clients from virtually any country in the world.

Our family office services are available to clients with assets in excess of 10 million. Please contact us to set up a meeting for a personalized consultation.


What makes Us different?

Alpenrose is a Swiss asset management firm with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Bach/Wollerau that is owned 100% by its Swiss shareholders to ensure the highest standards of trust.


Alpenrose is completely independent from all banks and agents and works with a network of highly qualified specialists around the world to provide its clients a service that goes beyond asset management.


Alpenrose focuses on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to its clients through a true open architecture platform and a unique relationship to its custodian banks.


Alpenrose’s partners develop a relationship with their clients based on trust, transparency and honesty that goes beyond the usual client-advisor relationship and ensures a total alignment of interests.

qualified finance professionals

Alpenrose’s entrepreneurial management and advisory board is comprised of highly qualified finance professionals that are committed to the firm and share the same value for excellence.